Eligibility Criteria

Astellas is pleased to support high quality Medical Grants each year. In order to be considered, each Medical Grant request must be aligned to an Astellas Therapeutic Area of Support, meet set Eligibility Criteria, and be submitted within sufficient Timelines prior to the activity occurring.

To demonstrate the quality and medical value of your Medical Activity, you will be asked to submit details of your activity which Astellas will consider and evaluate in our funding decision.

To determine if your request is eligible, please review the following:

Therapeutic Areas

Astellas focuses on the following Therapeutic Areas of Support:

  • Prostate Cancer
  • Solid Organ Transplantation
  • Overactive Bladder

Eligibility Criteria

Eligible Applicants:

Applicants are Eligible to apply to Astellas for funding support provided they are one of the following:

  • Canadian non-profit healthcare organizations, institutions, or foundations
  • Provincial, national-level professional medical associations, or societies
  • Third-parties acting on behalf of the aforementioned

All applicants must have a documented governance structure to ensure accountability and oversight of the activity for which funding is sought.

Applicants are ineligible to apply to Astellas for funding if they are one of the following:

  • Non-Canadian organizations and/or healthcare professionals
  • Individual healthcare professionals
  • For-profit businesses not acting on behalf of a non-profit healthcare organization, institution, foundation or provincial, national-level professional medical associations, or societies

Eligible Independent Medical Education Activities:

Activities are Eligible for Medical Grant funding by Astellas provided they meet the following criteria:

  1. Aligned with an Astellas Therapeutic Area of Support
  2. Will be held within Canada
  3. Addresses an identified medical/scientific need to improve health outcomes and patient care
  4. Will take place/begin at least 60 days following the date of application. Requests received fewer than 60 days prior to the start of the activity will not be considered for funding.

*Note: preference is given to accredited activities

Activities or requests Ineligible for Medical Grant funding by Astellas include, but are not limited to:

  • Charitable Contributions
  • Corporate Memberships
  • Investigator Sponsored Research (ISR) of Astellas marketed products or Investigator Initiated Trial (IIT) for compounds in development. For questions relating to ISR/IIT contact
  • Entertainment, sporting or social events
  • Gifts
  • Registration/program fees, travel or expenses for healthcare professionals (including fellows) attending a Canadian or international educational event
  • Medical Practice Activities (e.g. operating expenditures such as medical equipment, infrastructure or facilities modification)

Last updated: May 14, 2018

If you have any further questions or require assistance, please contact: