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Application Criteria and Eligibility

Am I eligible to receive Medical Grant funding?

Please follow the link to refer to the Eligibility Criteria.

My event covers multiple therapy areas, one of which is aligned to Astellas' Therapeutic Area of Support. Can I still apply?

Yes. As long as a portion of your program aligns with the Astellas Therapeutic Areas of Support you are eligible to apply for a Medical Grant. The full scope of the program must be submitted in the request, so that the program can be reviewed in its entirety before a funding decision will be made.

I have been approved for funding before. Does this mean all my future Medical Grant requests will be as well?

No, each Medical Grant request is evaluated individually therefore previous approval does not guarantee future approval.

Are non-accredited medical education activities eligible for funding support?

Yes, non-accredited medical education activities are eligible to receive support however Astellas gives preference to accredited activities.

Submission Process

How do I apply to receive Medical Grant funding?

Please follow the link refer to the Submission Process.

How will I know Astellas received my Medical Grant request?

Astellas will communicate receipt of your request within two (2) business days of receiving the request.

Can I submit multiple Medical Grant requests at the same time or over the same year?

Yes. Astellas does not limit the number of requests it will consider from a single requestor. Each Medical Grant request must follow the submission process and provide complete information to be considered for funding. A separate application form must be completed for each request.

What should I do if the scope of my Medical Activity changes?

If the scope of a Medical Grant Activity has changed from the original approved grant request, you must immediately inform Astellas of the change by contacting

Astellas reserves the right to discontinue support if it determines that the changes to the program will affect the quality or impact of the program. If support is discontinued, the requestor must return funding in full to Astellas.

What should I do if the date of my activity changes?

You should notify Astellas and confirm the activity date changes as soon as they are known by contacting Astellas will contact you if further information is required regarding the date changes. Failure to notify Astellas of the date changes prior to the start of the program may result in Astellas withdrawing support.

Astellas Application Review

What would prevent or delay my Medical Grant request from being considered for funding?

Failure to submit all required or requested materials will delay the review of Medical Grant funding requests. Only complete grant requests will be considered for funding. In addition, outstanding financial and/or activity resolutions from previously approved grants must be completed prior to review of the new request.

Astellas has asked me for additional information. How long do I have to provide this information?

Additional requested information required to complete the Medical Grant submission should be sent to Astellas as soon as available to ensure a timely review of the request. A complete request must be submitted for review at least 60 days in advance of the start date for the request to be considered for funding.

Post-approval Processes

If my Medical Grant request is approved, does Astellas require any sort of acknowledgement?

Yes. Astellas recognition of grant support will be outlined in the Letter of Agreement.

Are funds paid in one installment or in multiple installments?

Payment terms will depend on the grant type and scope of the funding being requested. The financial terms associated with payment of the grant will be outlined in the agreement letter provided by Astellas upon approval of your request.

What is reconciliation and must I reconcile my request?

There are two types of reconciliation: financial and outcomes.

  • Financial reconciliation consists of detailed activity expenditure documentation and confirmation that funds were used for the approved activity.
  • Outcomes submission consists of a summary document or final evaluations of the completed activity.

Unused funds provided for the activity must be returned to Astellas.

Reconciliation is due within 90 days of the activity end date. Failure to provide this post activity documentation will affect future funding support.

Important Dates and Deadlines

What are the expected timelines for approval of my Medical Grant request?

Please follow the link to refer to our Timelines.

May I still submit a Medical Grant if my activity has already started?

No. Medical Grant requests may only be submitted for activities that have yet to occur, at least 60 days in advance of the activity

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Who can I contact if I have additional questions or require assistance?

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