Grant Submission

Astellas reviews all submitted Medical Grant requests against key criteria to ensure all grants that are funded meet a minimum standard of quality and impact.

Astellas considers the following best practices in Medical Education quality while reviewing a Medical grant request:

Medical/Scientific Need Identified

All educational activities must be based on an identified and validated medical or scientific need.

Applications must describe how the need was identified, and clearly indicate the difference between current state (what is) and the desired outcome (what should be).

Needs assessments should also look at both perceived needs and unperceived needs, ideally including external perspectives beyond healthcare professional self-assessment.

Impact and Reach of the Program

Learning objectives for the activity must be related to the needs assessment outputs to ensure the activity is aligned to the audience learning needs.

Activities that reach a larger audience of Canadian healthcare professionals, including through the use of technology and innovative formats, are more likely to be funded over grants which only address the needs of a limited group of healthcare professionals.

Types of Outcomes the Program will Assess

Astellas looks to fund programs that prove that the provision of funding directly impacted participant knowledge, competency, or resulted in behavioural change.

Pre- and post-activity knowledge testing, self-reported behavior change questions and simulations are all examples of higher levels of educational outcomes. Moore's model of outcomes assessment outlines the full framework by which the transfer of skills from the learning environment to real world implementation will be assessed.

Failure to submit all required or requested materials will delay the review of funding requests. Only complete grant requests submitted at least 60 days prior to the activity date will be considered for funding.

For full submission requirements, please see below.

Steps for Submission

  1. Confirm your activity meets the Eligibility Criteria
  2. Review the Submission Checklist (PDF)
  3. Access the online submission portal here:
Astellas Grant Management System LOGIN

Submission Timelines

Applicants should expect to receive notification from Astellas indicating receipt of the request within two (2) business days of receipt of the request by Astellas.

Astellas will review, and provide a decision upon, all requests for funding within 45 days of receiving a completed submission. Incomplete requests will require further follow-up and will not be reviewed until all necessary requested information is received by Astellas.

All completed activities will require reconciliation documentation (financial and outcomes resolution), within 90 days of the activity end date. Failure to provide this post activity documentation will affect future funding support.

Last updated: May 14, 2018

If you have any further questions or require assistance, please contact: